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It’s hard to keep your eyes open to the forest and the trees and stay focused while trying to build something no one’s ever seen before.

Innovation Advising is for you if you’re working on something never seen before and need an innovation ally to help you navigate the opportunities and challenges arising, especially if you don’t want a big firm’s fees for helping you. Innovation Advising includes regular conversations with Openly Disruptive’s Dan Reus, talking through your opportunities and challenges and helping you understand how you want to act on them, connecting the dots to emerging leaders, tech, and ideas adjacent to your strengths, and holding you accountable so you can fully focus on building something amazing.

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Sometimes you need a simple tool to help you lead as an innovator.

Innovation Sprints are 3-8 week projects with an actionable deliverable, executed by an experienced innovator like Openly Disruptive’s Dan Reus. Deliverables might include:

  • Team assessment and recommendations

  • Process mapping and assessment

  • Product/service roadmapping

  • Ecosystem mapping and/or engagement

  • Opportunity assessment and action planning 


When you’ve found an innovation opportunity to really develop, you need a sustained effort to build, develop relationships, and align efforts - and sometimes you need help with all that entails.

Innovation Programs facilitated by Openly Disruptive are multi-month initiatives that build relationships and stimulate win/win action with potential allies like startups, strategics, developer and user advocacy groups, investors, civic leaders, and researchers. Program elements can include ecosystem mapping, open product/service development, stakeholder engagement through content, funding, and challenges, workshops, collaboration sessions, and other activities in a cohesive and consistent effort that makes your innovation more successful.

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