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Innovation is hard, but it isn’t THAT hard. We innovators always keep learning - about the market, trends, ourselves, and the innovation process itself. Whether as an intrapreneur, a startup founder, or a side hustler, we know with a hunch and a desire to make things better, we can disrupt the world for the better without giving up our lives and livelihood to do it.

In this cohort based experience, you'll develop and launch an MVP and test the market for a disruptive innovation that can scale - without giving up your life or livelihood.

You'll do all this in 3 weeks:

  • Discover what you know and how to improve it quickly

  • Optimize your idea for maximum value and buildability

  • Build and test an MVP to get real market feedback before you spend a dime

  • Choose the next step that's right for you

Click here to learn more.

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