Past Projects

Starting in 2012, Openly Disruptive produced dozens of public events to bring together the stakeholders in emerging innovation ecosystems for inspiration, idea sharing and collaboration.

Hands-On Ideas

Hands-On Ideas (HOI) sessions were live web events with artists, hackers, makers, and other creators from around the world. They worked with code, biologic materials, machine tools, live animals, civic data, and inside systems to explore emerging ideas and their potential impact on us all.


The idea was for a creator doing interesting work to show it off and explain how others could build on it.


A few examples:

  • Michael Allison on Firewall and Arboration, projects that blended the virtual and real worlds.

  • Lino Teuteberg on his interactive art exhibit, "Words of a Middle Man," which explored algorithmic bias in the hidden technology embedded in all technology products and services.

  • Heather Dewey-Hagborg on genetics, appearance, surveillance and human rights. In a Genspace collaboration, Heather explored how genetics is rarely as definitive as we'd like when using it to solve crimes - and why that could cause problems for innocent people.

  • Shannon Dosemagen and Stewart Long of the Public Laboratory of Open Technology and Science (PLOTS) on their use of inexpensive tools along and open-source methods to document the environment and make digital maps.

  • Jordan Miller on potential life science applications of 3D printing, and how it could be used for producing things such as non-lethal leather goods, meat, and even human organs.

While not all sessions were archived, some are available on YouTube.

Disruptive Diner

Disruptive Diner events were intimate innovation salons, bringing together entrepreneurs, researchers, early adopters, artists, hackers and other innovators around emerging ideas. Each session featured lightning talks, high quality networking and rich conversation in a format that was easy for busy innovators to participate in.

Dozens of sessions covered everything from games and gamification, AR/VR/MR and motion capture and generative art in performance, GIS and location based systems, business models for 3D printing, nanotechnology, wearables and Quantified Self movements in healthcare, crowdsourcing, sustainable food systems, organizational resilience, open source in the culture and civic life, biotechnology, alternative capital sources, and more.  Many of the sessions were livestreamed - some are archived here on YouTube.